The Food

My dishes comes from the soul. With my culture and culinary skills infused.  I take them ideas and flip them into a upscale restaurant experience. 

                                               -Chef Nae

Owner & Executive Chef 

Chef Chana "Nae" Robinson 

   A Navy Veteran, born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio Relocated in Virginia after serving. Started working in a shipyard as a welder but after being laid off for the 2nd time I wanted something new and exciting. I went Back to school at the culinary institute of Virginia because i already had a passion for cooking. as i continued through school that passion grew bigger. After graduation i landed a job at a Prestige catering company and that passion grew into what you see today. 

     "Strong, Bold and Vibrant." 

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IG: @bitesize_kitchen_

Facebook: Bitesize Kitchen (chefnaebsk)